During my years of working in the makeup industry people would ask me questions such as “is SPF necessary in the winter season?” and my answer is yes.

The purpose of the use of SPF products is to protect the skin against the harsh UV rays and even though in summer the UV rays are strong and not as strong in winter there are still UV rays doing its job, so yes it’s best to use SPF products all year round, in winter the skin becomes dry due to the cold weather so it’s best to use products that are rich in moisture and SPF enhanced.

Ajeless Africa Lip Product

When I created Ajeless Africa’s first line of products I wanted to keep in mind that I wanted a brand that was proudly South African, that was created for all the different women/ethnicities that bless our gorgeous continent, with all of that in mind and because Africa has such a harsh climate, I created a line of SPF 15 enhanced lipsticks because of the SPF this helps protect the lips against the UV rays and because the lip products of Ajeless Africa Cosmetics are so rich in moisture, so whether you have a sore/chapped dry lips this products will treat and keep your lips lusciously soft all year round.

All Ajeless Africa Cosmetics products are proudly South African and are all cruelty free.