Inspired by three generations of strong women, Ajeless Africa cosmetics was founded in 2015 by Astrid Jonker, professional make-up artist turned business woman. Astrid’s dream was to create a range of cosmetics that offers a shade to suit women of every ethnicity. She is directly involved with the development of all Ajeless Africa products and makes it a personal passion to make women look as beautiful as they feel!



Astrid Jonker, the founder of cosmetic line, Ajeless Africa, studied cosmetology and in 2011 enrolled at the Make Up Issue in Cape Town, where she would go on to major in make-up and beauty, qualifying as a make-up specialist.

In 2015, this Capetonian, after working alongside some of the best people in the industry, created her first lipstick line. And what started as a line of lipstick, soon grew into a company – Ajeless Africa Cosmetics was born. Dedicated to ensuring that all the different ethnicities, and skin tones, on the African continent were considered, Ajeless Africa was the disruptor sorely needed in an industry that had to date often ignored darker tones of skin.

Derived from: AJ (Astrid Jonker), E (Esme, Astrid’s second name), Le (Lehane, Astrid’s mother’s name), ES (Esme which is Astrid’s grandma’s first name) and S – “because it just makes sense”, Ajeless Africa now offers 10 shades of lipstick, as well as lip gloss and nail polish, all of which consider skin tones that have, until now, largely been excluded from the beauty industry.

A proudly South African company, conceptualised with African women in mind, Ajeless Africa – and indeed Astrid – are starting to make waves locally, with the company recently having partnered with the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa, and the Cancer Association of South Africa for their Annual Cuppa for Cansa High Tea event in 2017.

The event proved to be a highlight for Astrid, but with more products in the pipeline, there will undoubtedly be many more to come.