Today I would like to touch on the subject of nail polish, so with nail polish I believe that it doesn’t really matter as much as of what skin tone you are but more on the fashion and mood that you’re going for ,I receive a lot of questions regarding nail polish shades whether it’s from family or friends or my Ajeless clients (or as I would normally call them my “A-listers”),since most of my nail polish question are more based on fashion, mood and trend of course here are some quick tips:

  1. When wanting to wear something that’s more “rocker chic” or unapologetically fashion forward I would definitely go for Ajeless “Lace up” (white nail polish shade) and Ajeless “Unravel”(pastel grey nail polish shade) , both these shades are awesome and can be worn with jeans & a T-shirt, leather, denim on denim and even with a beautiful formal dress. It makes a statement without it being too harsh.
  2. Looking for more of a “reggae vibe”, this look I believe should be chilled but still making a power statement in its own right, for this look I love Ajeless “Elements”( a pastel olive green nail polish shade) or an Ajeless “Soft” (a brown nude with a touch of pink hue nail polish shade)being cool calm and collective never looked this good .
  3. Going for the more clean cut/conservative look, try Ajeless Africa Cosmetics 2 colours to create the classic French tip Ajeless “Lace up”( white nail polish shade) and Ajeless “Tiara”(light pink nail polish shade),another favourite shade which is super popular is Ajeless “Foxy”(a nude with a pink hue to it),super cute shades and I mean let’s face it, it’s never a bad thing being a princess.

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