Today I would like to discuss a mixture of things regarding lipstick and lip gloss at times you wear the one or the other and they both look amazing on their own but have you ever tried wearing both lipstick and lipgloss at the same time?!! , okay well sit back and relax and allow me to introduce you to some gorgeous combos that create outstanding colour (so exciting):

  1. First combo has to be Ajeless “Sweet Feather Matte” (matte pink shade) & Ajeless “Persuasive”(a dark purple lipgloss) ,those two together… it gives a totally different dimension to both of the colours combined, try this combo you’ll have people wondering all day “what colour is that?”, “how did you do that?”
  2. Ajeless “Smile”(red lipstick shade SPF 15 enhanced) & Ajeless “Loaded Espresso” (a chocolate milk shade of lipgloss), once those 2 colours fall in love there’s no going back to what it once was, they’ll be inseparable .
  3. Try Ajeless “Skin” (a more slightly warmer alabasters lipstick shade SPF 15 enhanced)  combined with Ajeless “Daiquiri” (a pink with a red hue lipgloss shade)this will elevate the lipgloss shade, colour intensity on another level and as well make the lipgloss shade last a lot longer.

                                    All Ajeless Africa Cosmetic products are cruelty free.