When applying a shade of lipstick or nail polish it isn’t simply just a shade and it’s not applied just for nothing, when applying a product you are altering your look whether it’s to bring it all together or to create a look with a neutral colour and then applying a pop of colour to break the whole look. Here are some looks that I’ve found that will really add a twist:

Look 1: With a light look and light fabric choices add a beautiful Ajeless Sunshine shade from the SPF 15 enhanced lipstick range (R85.00) and for the nail polish apply the fun vibrant Ajeless Sweet Feather shade (R109.00), both these shades are funky and playful and sure to pick up your day.

Look 2: This look is great with a Ajeless Cheeky lip gloss shade (R85.00) this gloss is from the “Feeling Glossy” range and the consistency is both creamy, smooth and glossy, the nail polish shade that I would choose for this look would be Ajeless Potent (R109.00), too spunky.

Look 3: it’s amazing when a look is effortlessly chic and when keeping it cool and casual so with keeping it cool and easy I love the nail polish shade Ajeless Peach (R109.00) it’s a nude but still bring the look together and then regarding lips I love to do the “double-up method” which will be you applying a shade of lipstick first then applying the lip gloss on top of the applied lipstick and so I would say go for Ajeless Naked lipstick (R85.00)which is part of the SPF 15 enhanced lipstick range and on top of the lipstick apply the Ajeless Pale Fondue lip gloss (R85.00) this is part of the “Feeling Glossy” range .so even though you have kept your looks nude/neutral you have most definitely created some dimension.

Look 4: I love this look because it is super different to all the other looks I have explained with this look I would say all your make up has to be super natural looking and then you apply to the lips Ajeless Merlot lip gloss (R85.00) this lip gloss is from the “Feeling Glossy” range and its full pigmented, easy to apply, a non-sticky feel to it and enriched with moisturizing oils and for the nail polish Ajeless Natural (R109.00) it’s a gorgeous pearl infused brown shade.

All Ajeless Africa Cosmetics products are proudly South African and are all cruelty free.