“The shape of her eyes and colour is really striking so I decided to choose the shade Natural by the Ajeless SPF15 range, to keep everything naturally beautiful.” – Astrid

‘Natural’ SPF15 Lipstick | R85
‘Exotic’ Matte Lipstick | R139
Daquiri Lipgloss
‘Daquiri’ Lipgloss | R85

“Really ultimately wanted to give a POP of colour and what better way to pop than to choose a good red lipstick (matte lipstick) but for an extra pop I’ve added a gorgeous lip gloss, this adds life and depth to an ordinary colour of lipstick.” – Astrid

Peach Lipstick
‘Peach’ SPF 15 Lipstick | R85
Mellow Lipgloss
‘Mellow’ Lipgloss | R85

“Is wearing a shade of lipstick Peach from the Ajeless SPF 15 range this range moisturises the lips and ensures that’s the lips stay protected & healthy, on top we’ve applied the shade Mellow from the Ajeless lip gloss range and in fact lipstick underneath intensifies the lip gloss shade and make the colour last longer.” – Astrid

“The shade that I have chosen is Beauty Chocolate from the Ajeless lip gloss range, this colour was chosen because of the lady’s skin tone and her hair colour; this is definitely a sassy look.” – Astrid

Beauty Chocolate Lipgloss
‘Beauty’ Chocolate Gloss | R85

“This shade is Smile by the Ajeless SPF 15 range this range really keeps the lips moisturised and this colour was chosen to bring out the colour of her eyes, it’s really a gorgeous colour that makes the eye colour pop.” – Astrid

‘Smile’ SPF 15 Lipstick | R85